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Name: Beth Coleman
Hometown: Lynchburg, VA 

I have loved labs most of my life.  I grew up however with an Irish Setter who was my protector, best friend, baby sitter at times and just a fun loving great dog.  She made me understand and value the relationship between a girl and her dog.  Now, I have four labs and they are my children.  I did not realize how much my life would change until I bought Lucy, even though she wasn't my first lab.  She opened my eyes to the world of retrieving and it is with her that my new passion began, AKC hunt tests.  I love seeing my dogs work and excel at their natural abilities.  I enjoy helping bring new puppies into the world and nurturing them for eight weeks or more before they go to their forever homes; it is hard work, but it is some of the most rewarding work as well.


I am a teacher by trade, that is what I do for my job and I really do love what I do.  However, my actual kids happen to be furry, smart, loving, energetic, and soulful.  Happiness is doing what you love to do. This is Me and this is what I love!


Hobbies:  Hunt Tests, Swimming, Golf, Reading, Hiking, Duck Hunting



Are you interested in finding out more about how hunt tests work or working your own lab?  Find a club near you or look at the Blue Ride Retriever Club, Tidewater Retriever Club or the Rappahanock River Retriever Club website for great information and come to a club day!


So proud of Moses, who recently passed the Master Amateur Invitational!  Six series of challenging tests! It was a blast to do together!  I am so proud of this boy and how far we have come as a team!

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